New NEFCU branch office / February 24, 2014

We recently completed a package of signs and graphics for one of our dream clients, New England Federal Credit Union.  Why a dream client? Because part of their mission is to be a leader in their market, both in the way they present themselves to the community and how they encourage members to use technology. For us that means they want high quality work in multiple media and they want to push the envelope to make themselves stand out.

NEFCU St Albans VTWe have been working with NEFCU for several years, since we were brought on board by their marketing agency, Direct Design, to refurbish the lobby at their main office in Williston. Our latest work together was at the brand new office in St. Albans, VT (left).

This project allowed us to create internally illuminated wall signs, lots of cut-out aluminum letters and logos, vinyl graphics on glass, printed super-graphics applied to walls, custom graphics on a three-sided kiosk, and what Chris Reck at Direct Design calls the “giant logo ball”. It’s the round NEFCU logo icon made as a three-dimensional wall sign featuring LED illumination within, spreading light over the wall.

Here are some highlights: 

NEFCU Logo SignOn the left, the “giant logo ball” on the St. Albans lobby wall. This is actually a baby sister of the first giant logo ball, which debuted at the Shelburne Road branch in South Burlington, VT, shown here:NEFCU South Burlington VT







Some of the 3D cut-out letters and logos, both with satin aluminum brushed finish and painted finish:


NEFCU Video Conference Lounge

The “Community” wall, with a photo collage assembled by NEFCU staff highlighting some of the good works in which they participate within their communities:

NEFCU Community Wall

Printed mural graphics:

NEFCU Printed Mural Graphics

The “Welcome” entry:

NEFCU Welcome Entry Sign

and a small (but fun to make!) projecting sign so that members can easily find the Video Conference Lounge:

NEFCU Video Conference Lounge Sign

and the three-sided kiosk, below. I can brag a bit on this one, not because I personally did anything, but because Jim and Phil on the team here at Design Signs took such care with this piece that the representative from the kiosk manufacturer called it “the best graphic application” he had ever seen on their products.


When in St. Albans, stop in for a visit. New England Federal Credit Union is right off Route 7 North, on the Walmart access road.

Contact us if you have questions about the signs we created for NEFCU in St. Albans Vermont.