Our Portfolio

Carved & 3-Dimensional Signs

If you want to make a big impact, nothing catches your customer’s eye like a multi-dimensional sign. We specialize in creating traffic-stopping 3D signs that let your potential customers know that yours is a high-quality business, and convey a sense of permanence.

Directories & Wayfinding Signs

The fastest-growing portion of our business is helping visitors find their way around a property, from the curb to your office door. These include curb-side directional signs, interior and exterior tenant directories, office suite signs and ADA-required room identification signs.

Interior Graphics & Lettering

Create the space you’ve dreamed of inside your business, office or home by adding some custom artwork. Adhesive window and wall decals, vinyl and/or raised acrylic graphics and lettering, etched glass vinyl, are just some of the many indoor options available at Design Signs.

Lighted Signs

For many businesses, lighted signs are a must to communicate both day and night. These include opaque aluminum cabinets with lighted letters and 3-Dimensional “channel” letters with LED lamps inside (either to light the face of each letter or to splash light against the wall behind it).

Logo Design

A well-made sign with a poor logo is a sign with three strikes against it. We won’t let you waste your precious marketing budget on an ineffective sign. If you don’t have a logo we’ll create one for you, which can then also be used on all your marketing materials.

Property Management

We create and maintain all kinds of signs for property managers; everything from condominium entrance monument signs to parking lot and “pool rules” signs, all in a well thought-out and coordinated design.

Recognition and Development

We create custom recognition displays to show the appreciation of nonprofits for major gifts.

Sidewalk & Real Estate Signs

Think of these as exterior “point-of-purchase” signs, allowing you to market directly to your customers while they are walking or driving. We can make everything from a simple “For Sale” real estate sign to a spectacular A-frame sidewalk sign to distinguish your business from your competitors.

Temporary Signs

Banners, Posters, Yard Signs, Sandwich Boards, A-Frames, Window, Wall & Floor Decals, and more…

We have an assorted selection of temporary sign solutions for your business. Just let us know what your needs are and we can create custom signs to fit.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

What could be better advertising than having a custom mobile billboard to drive around with?! One of the most cost-effective advertising techniques is to place your company’s logo and information on vehicles. Let us help get your business noticeably rolling with some custom eye-catching graphics and lettering today!

Vinyl Lettering-Graphics & Hand-Painted Signs

These eye-catching vinyl and hand-painted signs make a mega impression with bright colors and designs. We call these types of signs “flat-graphic signs” due to the construction and materials used in fabrication. Customers tell us that they do not fall “flat” when it comes to their business getting noticed. Check out the making of Cafe HOT’s backward sign.