Our Portfolio

Carved & 3-Dimensional Signs

If you want to make a big impact, nothing catches your customer’s eye like a multi-dimensional sign. We specialize in creating traffic-stopping 3D signs that let your potential customers know that yours is a high-quality business, and convey a sense of permanence.

Directories & Wayfinding Signs

The fastest-growing portion of our business is helping visitors find their way around a property, from the curb to your office door. These include curb-side directional signs, interior and exterior tenant directories, office suite signs and ADA-required room identification signs.

Economical Signs

Have a need for a sign with budget restrictions? Not to worry, we got you covered with many affordable options.

Interior Graphics & Lettering

Create the space you’ve dreamed of inside your business, office or home by adding some custom artwork. Adhesive window and wall decals, vinyl and/or raised acrylic graphics and lettering, etched glass vinyl, are just some of the many indoor options available at Design Signs.

Lighted Signs

For many businesses, lighted signs are a must to communicate both day and night. These include opaque aluminum cabinets with lighted letters and 3-Dimensional “channel” letters with LED lamps inside (either to light the face of each letter or to splash light against the wall behind it).

Logo Design

A well-made sign with a poor logo is a sign with three strikes against it. We won’t let you waste your precious marketing budget on an ineffective sign. If you don’t have a logo we’ll create one for you, which can then also be used on all your marketing materials.

Property Management

We create and maintain all kinds of signs for property managers; everything from condominium entrance monument signs to parking lot and “pool rules” signs, all in a well thought-out and coordinated design.