What a year! / December 18, 2015

It’s been a crazy year! On top of all our usual work for hospitality, property management, higher-ed clients and others, we took on the installation of scores of signs for the conversion of Fletcher Allen Health Care to the University of Vermont Medical Center.  From administrative offices to member hospitals and satellite clinics, we installed signs at 23 locations! This signage overhaul was labor intensive, and included lots of cut-out aluminum logos, some on brick walls 35 feet above the ground.

18 monument79 wall







56 monument

79 directional

Our crew also installed twelve illuminated monument signs, each with reinforced concrete bases and a ton of post-and-panel signs directing patients to the offices.

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Although we can’t take any credit for them, it was clear that all these signs were very well made! Despite being weary (especially my fantastic installation team), I’m happy to have had the work and be a part of this project for UVM Medical.  My team dug lots of holes and endured some late nights to be sure it all got done.